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Quick & Dirty Korean (for lovers) WARNING: Devastatingly Romantic (English/Korean guide) 

"Don't Kiss Before Reading This!... Find Your Seoul Mate with this Little Black Book of Love, Sex and Sensuality."


~ Whether you're touring the DMZ, galavanting through the shopping districts, or daring to dance your way through the night life, keep in mind the potential of a side trip through life and love?

Do NOT kiss before reading this!
(Project Love)

Find your Seoul mate with this little black book of love, sex & sensuality. Whether you're up for a first date or finding a mate, Q&DK is burning with the hottest (& most cold-hearted) romantic expressions, from 'hey honey' to 'ha-le' ? (let's do it), this guide once banned in Korean book stores will make love with the locals a definite possibility.

Make this little black book to be your wingman. Let's face it, flirting can be awkward for anyone and nearly impossible if you're not fluent. With Quick & Dirty Korean for Lovers you'll be smooth talking your way back to your place for a hot night (or a slap in the face if you get it wrong) in no time.

It’s never easy to find your mate, especially in a foreign language, but you can find love in Korea. But whether you’re hoping to get more intimate with your Korean lover, or just go with the flow, you’d better be prepared.

Q&DK answers all your burning questions (and hopefully not that kind of burning)
• What’s Kakao and why should you care?
• Where’s MT and why would we go there?
• Wanna slip in a subtle come on to your Korean teacher? We’ll teach you how!

Q&DK teaches the banter to “eat, play love,” your way to true cultural exchange
• 달리자! Let’s play!
• 사랑해! I love you!
• 쉬었다 가자 Let’s go for a rest.
• 너무 하고 싶어! I’m horny!
• 날 가져! Take me!
• 밤의 여왕이야! Queen of the night!

From pick-up lines to the language of love, sweet nothings, and what to say when things go south in South Korea.
“Kiss me. 뽀뽀해줘… Take me! 날 가져… Never forget me!! 날 절대 잊지 마”
Forget that formal phrasebook, get down and dirty with this guide to everything sexy, sensual, and sweet, or you’ll miss your chance at a happy ending!

Or if you’re already in and things are getting heated (& not in a good way), make sure you’ve read this to before that lovers spat turns into final fight, a big blowout, or that 50-ways-to-leave-your-lover see-ya split.

Don’t get all worked up trying to put in the work (작업), keep calm and read this little guide. And def. don’t be cheesy… make romance easy with the right stuff to get you in the buff. So get your grove on and make it quick, or someone more slick will snag your future mate. Then you can go James Brown and “Get up, get up… like a sex machine!”

Funny & culturally informative, Q&DK is a great gift for foreign friends & will get you through any sexy situation in Seoul.
What are you waiting for? Buy Quick & Dirty Korean for Lovers today ‘cause Can you speak English is so not a pick-up line.

[If you find this offensive, fuck off to some 높은말safe space and buy a bloody boring book while you sit and miss your big chance. If not, then HAVE WE GOT SOME JUICE FOR YOU…]
There is no additional language description.


AUTHOR(S): Peter N. Liptak

PUBLISHED BY: an imprint of Exile Press on 20190901

EAN: 9781936342822

ISBN: 9781936342822

CBDX-Bilingual & multilingual dictionaries
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It has everything from 작업 [pickup] to 침대말 [pillow talk], from 뽀뽀해 줘 [kiss me] to 날 가져! [take me] and everything in between. Here’s where you’ll learn the language of love, those sweet nothings, and what to say when things go south in South Korea. Don’t be cheesy, pay attention to make romance easy!

Peter Liptak is the author of the infamous Korean Slang:As much as a Rat's Tail. Liptak has been known for his combining his charming writing style with his love for Koreans and their culture. Quick and Dirty Korean enters the world of dating and acts as the best wingman you'll ever have. Visit our site to learn more and get yourself a copy today!

Quick & Dirty Korean is for Korean speakers who find themselves in need of help hooking up with their English-speaking counterparts or visa versa. Hot tips for a hot date or a budding relationship.

"Quick and Dirty Korean for Lovers, (way too short) has that risqué charm you displayed in As Much as a Rat's Tail (2015). As usual, your guerrilla assault on the colorful aspects of the Korean language provide many giggles and tongue-in-cheek nodding in agreement."

"The book is divided into five self-explanatory sections: Finding a Mate, The First Date, In the Sack, The Aftermath, and The Breakup. The remarks and innuendos are geared for the you, club hopping set. Peter says that ­boo-king or the pretty girls being grabbed by the wrist and dragged by the waiter to a table of guys is more true than false; that it does not just exist in K-dramas. But the guys still have to impress...gotta have the looks, money, that urban sophistication. What sweet nothing in Korean a guy whispers in the girls' ear could either get his shin bruised or end up in a lucky night. Nothing new in any culture."

--Bill Drucker, Korean Quarterly

Quick & Dirty Korean for Lovers (Korean/English Guide)
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Quick & Dirty Korean for Lovers (Korean/English Guide)

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