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Teddy's Day: On a Bearish Adventure Through Everyday Life 

A first book—for you, for Teddy! To sit, to read. Are you ready?


AUTHOR(S): Peter N. Liptak
Pascal Biannicléger

PUBLISHED BY: Little Bear Books an imprint of Exile Press on 20100601

Teddy’s Day – On a Bearish Adventure through Everyday Life

A first book—for you, for Teddy!... To sit, to read. Are you ready?”

An adventure in Teddy’s world begins with the discovery of one day... As children enter, they begin their travels into the wider world without fear and full of wonder. Follow along and be respectful, and soon you’ll take the lead full of imagination to color the day ahead. Isn’t it exciting?

Teddy’s Day transports readers into a lively yet comfortable place with bright colors & dreamlike artwork, propelling them through the day with simple cadence and a rhyme scheme that breathes new life into a tried and true theme - the lovable teddy bear.​

The first in the TeddyTracks series, Teddy’s Day allows children to enter Teddy’s world, follow and make tracks with alongside his, documenting his explorations... and soon their own.

They are written to personalize the activities of Teddy on his adventure through everyday life and to inspire children to hear and see the poetic wonder of simple pleasures – whether they are about hard times or moments of joy.

Teddy senses the world around him through a poetic voice and somewhat surrealistic, dreamlike artwork, looking at life and the world with new eyes. Teddy (as a Teddy bear) presents a theme that is both enduring and very personal for all children. Tested and timeless, this bear lets children interact with him in his world and promotes a positive worldview while embracing their innate sense of exploration and wonder.


Benjamin Franklin Digital Awards (2013)



An adventure in Teddy's world begins with the discovery of one day. As children enter, they begin their travels into the wider world without fear and full of wonder. Follow along and be respectful, and soon you'll take the lead full of imagination to color the day ahead. Isn't it exciting?

To learn more, visit our website www.littlebearbooks.com and to follow along with Teddy's travels as he goes out to explore the world, visit www.teddytracks.com

(Fun Rhyming Children’s Books) (Bedtime Books that Teach not Preach and Help your Little One Go to Sleep)
If you or your child enjoys stories from authors like Oh, The Places You'll Go! by Dr. Seuss, We're Going on a Bear Hunt by Helen Oxenbury, or The Teddy Bears' Picnic by Jerry Garcia and David Grisman, then your child will love this beautiful story of a teddy bear’s adventures told by Peter Liptak.

Looking for a fun rhyming bedtime book for your children?
Then your child will love this beautiful story of a teddy bear’s adventures through a day of exploration and adventure told by Peter Liptak.


A world traveler and avid cyclist, Peter Liptak loves to say “WOO HOO!” and knows that the simple experiences in life hold the greatest adventures. He explored many interests at the University of Minnesota, from the wonders of Astronomy and Anthropology to philosophy and poetics, before graduating with BA in English Literature and History. Peter learned new skills as a preschool teacher, waiter, dance instructor and massage therapist while in school, and has worked as an actor, teacher, and writer since. Living in Korea, he studied Korean History, receiving his Master’s from Yonsei University in Seoul and helps Korean children visit summer camp in the US to explore a new culture for themselves.

Discovering the beauty of each moment and always open to new possibilities, he began his bicycle adventures early, often venturing out with his sister on rickety yellow bikes meant for adults. Such memories inspired him to venture ever further, journeying through Europe and across Asia, finding adventure on two wheels and even testing his mettle in Ironman triathlons and desert races. Follow along with the travels of Peter and Teddy at www.teddytracks.com or download an MP3 at www.littlebearbooks.com “WOO HOO!”


Teddy takes a break to think
Of color as he takes a drink
Of the Kool-aid Mom made.
It’s pink, I think I’ll take a drink.

Off to the fishing hole…
Bears never need a pole.
Swoop in swift on a wish
To scoop up a fish.

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"Everyday is an adventure in Teddy's Day as Teddy makes fun out of the mundane. Pascal Biannicleger lends his art to Peter Liptak's words for a surreal and fun read that kids and parents will very much enjoy together. Teddy's Day is a fine addition to any children's picturebook collection. --Midwest Book Review

Here's a chance for your little one to follow Teddy around and see how he amuses himself with adventures a lot like any young one's normal day. Why not share a day in the life of a teddy bear with the little one in your life? The text flows well and Teddy is cute... so simply done, your child might be inspired to create his own book."
JoAnn Hakola

An Amazing Book for Early Readers...and their Parents!

Teddy's Day is a wonderful book for parents and their young children. All kids love, trust and can relate to the comforting Teddy Bear. The author uses that familiar character beautifully to not only take young readers on a fun adventure, but to help them see the world through new eyes and to learn respect for the beauty of nature and instill a love for animals. It's a perfect book for parents to use to read aloud to their kids AND the little ones will love the eye-popping illustrations. I'd recommend Teddy's Day to anyone with young kids!

Off he goes!

The illustrations and the poetry are so lively and energetic, it'll get your little one moving to see the new day! It's not often will you find a book that's fun to read by kids and their grownups alike, Teddy brings a smile to everyone! Peter Liptak and Pascal Biannicleger certainly have my attention, I can't wait to see what adventures they take us on next!

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ISBN: 9780980197419


JUV002030-JUVENILE FICTION / Animals / Bears
YBCH-Picture books: character books
YBLM-Early years: daily routine,YBCH-Picture books: character books,YFP-Children’s / Teenage fiction: Nature & animal stories,YNNJ23-Children’s / Teenage general interest: Bears
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Teddy's Day: On a Bearish Adventure Through Everyday Life : A first book—for you, for Teddy! To sit, to read. Are you ready?

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