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Idiom Attack Vol. 2 - Doing Business (Korean Edition): 이디엄 어택 2 - 거래하기 

English Idioms for ESL Learners: With 300+ Idioms in 25 Themed Chapters w/ free MP3 at IdiomAttack.com


이디엄 어택 2 - 거래하기 ***



English Idioms for ESL Learners: With 300+ Idioms in 25 Themed Chapters w/ free MP3 at IdiomAttack.com

Are you confused by common sayings in the English language?
Discover the hidden meanings of English idioms to help you communicate with confidence.

Are you worried that you’re missing out on the conversation? Do you want to strengthen your English language skills?
As ESL educators, Peter Liptak, Matthew Douma, and Jay Douma have decades of teaching experience across the world... After helping classrooms full of students navigate the treacherous waters of the English language, they’ve created a series of books to help you too!

Idiom Attack 2: Doing Business (Korean Edition)
is a densely-packed resource that contains **300+ of the most common and relevant idioms** for communicating your offer, closing deals & just making business happen in North America in both English and Korean. Through Idiom Attack, you’ll discover definitions, contextualized examples, and practice questions. Before you know it, you’ll be using English language idioms in your own everyday conversations like a native English speaker and impressing people with your business English.

In Idiom Attack, you’ll discover:

  • The three-step training process to help you quickly learn new concepts in English with translations in Korean
  • Easy-to-follow sections separated by topic to help you find exactly what you’re looking for
  • Clear meme-like illustrations to help boost your memorization of idioms and their usage
  • Convenient stories, crosswords, and fill-in-the-blank worksheets at the end of each chapter to improve your English retention and conversational abilities
  • A collection of idioms commonly found in the workplace, and much, much more!

Idiom Attack is a must-have tool for ESL learners at intermediate and advanced levels. If you like easy-to-use guides, multi-format approaches to learning, and expert advice, then you’ll love Peter Liptak, Matthew Douma, and Jay Douma’s in-depth look at American idioms.

Buy Idiom Attack to finally take part in the discussion today!

Plus get your free MP3 and more helpful resources at IdiomAttack.com.

일상 생활에 필수적인 숙어로 영어 실력을 향상 시키며 일상 생활에 익숙해지고 효과적으로 사용하도록하는 3 단계 교육 과정을 통해

  • 네이티브가 습관적으로 쓰는 관용어구 300개!
  • 살아있는 생활 속 관용어구 핵심주제 25가지!
  • 까다로운 관용어구 길들이는 트레이닝 3단계

관용어길들이기 - 3단계 트레이닝

관용어(idiom)는 두 개 이상의 단어가 같이 쓰이면서도 각 단어의 뜻과는 다른 독특한 의미를 가지는 말이다. 관용어는 언어의 특이한 표현법이어서 외국인들이 배우거나 선생님들이 가르치기에 매우 어려운 편이다. 관용어는 그러나, 비록 어렵지만 일상회화를 장식하는 다양한 언어사용을가장잘표시하는것이라할수있다. 이 책은 가장 자주 사용되는 관용어 약 300개를 포함하고 있으며, 100개의 장으로 구성되어 있다. 각 장의 주제는 개인의 일상생활, 행동과 감정, 직장과 비즈니스 등 영어회화의 핵심 주제들로서, 장마다 12개 내외의 관용어를 소개하고 있다. 관용어의 뜻은 영어와 우리말로 나란히 풀이해 놓았고, 좀더 명확한 이해와 활용을 돕기 위해 예문을 넣었다. 또 심화학습을 위해 각 장의 관용어로 만든 스토리도 실었다. 스토리에 이어서 그 내용을 묻는 주제와, 주제 토론을 위한 질문 역시 각 장의 관용어를 완전히 습득할 수 있도록 도와준다. 질문 속에 관용어를 사용함으로써 반복적으로 관용어의 용법을 보여주는 동시에 관용어를 사용하여 보다 거침없는 영어회화를 하도록 이끌어준다.

1단계. 우리말 속에서 관용어의 의미를 익힌다

우리말 문장 속에 삽입된 영어 관용어의 뜻을 유추해 본다. 그리고 영어 예문에서 그 쓰임새를 살펴본다. 관용어의 의미와 용법을 좀더 쉽고 효과적으로 익힐 수 있을 뿐만 아니라 우리말 문장과 함께연상되어오래기억할수있다.

2단계. 빈칸을 채우며 관용어의 용법을 확인한다

예문의 빈칸을 채워 완성하면서 관용어의 의미를 다시 한번 확인해 본다. 예문의 해석이 바로 밑에 나오는데다 관용어 속 한두 단어가 실마리로 제시되어 있으므로 쉽게 빈칸을 채우면서 길어서 어려운 관용어, 활용이 까다로운 관용어를 완전히 익힐 수 있다.

3단계. 스토리를 읽으며 관용어의 활용을 연습한다

짧지만 흥미로운 내용의 스토리에는 10개 내외의 관용어가 어떻게 적절하게 사용되어 문장을 풍부하게 하는지 문맥 속에서 감을 터득할 수 있

Buy Idiom Attack to finally take part in the discussion today!

Plus get your free MP3 and more helpful resources at IdiomAttack.com.


AUTHOR(S): Peter N. Liptak, Matthew Douma, Jay Douma

PUBLISHED BY: an imprint of Exile Press on 20130405

EAN: 9781936342426

ISBN: 9781936342426


FOR007000-FOREIGN LANGUAGE STUDY / English as a Second Language
ELS-ELT self-study texts
CJBT-Language phrasebooks,CJ-Language teaching & learning
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Swim with the natives without fear of an "Idiom Attack"

  • Add 300 key idioms to your arsenal
  • Be ready for 25 topics with day-to-day idioms
  • Learn quickly with a three-step training process
  • 네이티브가 습관적으로 쓰는 관용어구 300개!
  • 살아있는 생활 속 관용어구 핵심주제 25가지!
  • 까다로운 관용어구 길들이는 트레이닝 3단계!

Upgrade your English skills with idioms essential for daily conversation through a three-step training process that lets you to become familiar with and effectively use idioms everyday.

Idioms represent the most colorful language used in everyday conversation yet tend to be the most difficult for foreign learners to understand and for teachers to convey.

Idiom Attack is a collection of 300 North American idioms in common usage today, arranged in an easy to read and understand format. 25 topical chapters provide easy access for intermediate to advanced students of English. Only the most useful idioms and phrasal expressions are included, with meanings in both English and Korean for comparison.

Example sentences provide contextual support for more in depth understanding and practical application and stories challenge learners with the application of language with follow-up comprehension questions designed to coax them to use the target language. Finally, discussion questions encourage deeper dialogue and practice with opportunities for reading, writing, listening and speaking.

Check out our site at idiomattack.com

A born-and-bred mid-western boy, Peter Liptak is a poet, world traveler, avid cyclist, and lover of language. Unlike most English majors, he actually made use of his degree teaching English to children and adults in South Korea over the last 20 years, as a private tutor, preschool teacher, and adjunct professor at Incheon University and eventually creating the publishing company Exile Press with its imprints Little Bear Books and Hungry Dictator Press.

Exploring his interests at the University of Minnesota, from the wonders of Astronomy and Anthropology to Philosophy and Poetics, Peter learned new skills as a preschool teacher, waiter, dance instructor and massage therapist in school and has worked as an actor, teacher, copywriter and author since. While working and living in Seoul, Peter completed a Master's in Korean History, and using Korea as a source of inspiration, linguistic and otherwise, penned several books including the controversial book of Korean Slang: As much as a Rat's Tail, translated the scathing graphic novel The Great Successor - Kim Jong Un: a Political Cartoon, created the Idiom Attack series of ESL textbooks as well as passion projects including an Art/Poetry book called Letters: Building an Alphabet with Art and Attitude and a series of children's early readers about the lovable Teddy LeBear, including Teddy's Day and Teddy's Camp. Now living in Minneapolis with his three little ones and lovely wife, Peter continues publishing various works, while pursuing copywriting at The Writer’s Ink, and does web development, video marketing and lead generation for various local businesses through his new business Leadgen Legends.

Peter loves to say "Woo Hoo!" and knows that the simple experiences in life hold the greatest adventures. You can follow Peter at www.peteliptak.com or petespoetry.com

2016 International Book Awards Gold Medal for Letters
2016 Illustration Award & Bronze Medal for The Great Successor
2016 Benjamin Franklin Awards: Silver Medal for Korean Slang: As much as a Rat’s Tail
2014 Korea Literature Translation Institute Grant: for the collected works of North Korea poet Baek Seok
2013 Benjamin Franklin Digital Awards: Silver Honoree for Teddy's Day HD
2012 Mom's Choice Awards: Gold Medals in Young Adult Poetry and Interactive eBooks for Letters and Teddy’s Day HD
2012 Mom's Choice Awards: Silver Medals in Children's Picture Books for Teddy’s Day and Teddy’s Camp
2011 Midwest Book Awards: First Place in Children's Illustrated ebooks for Teddy's Day
2001 Underwood Fellowship: Yonsei Graduate School of International Studies


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"Woo Hoo!

4.0 out of 4 stars A great and useful book​!
"I think the 25 thematic chapters help the reader understand more about the conversation used in daily life and business, for someone who doesn’t speak English as his first language it can be hard to understand certain combination of words, and that’s when this book becomes a great tool for the students.​

I would rate this book a 4 out of 4 stars, this one stands out the most over other English books that I’ve had read. Personally, I had not met with a book that taught the idioms in such a detailed way, the three-step program works great for me and the way this book explains idioms makes it easier on the reader to understand."​
by Valeriatrujillo

4.0 out of 4 stars An exciting new way to learn​!
“...what is meant when English speakers use certain phrases, includes phrases such as kick off, from scratch, start the ball rolling and many others… short practice work to test the reader's understanding. The book’s 25 headings cover a range of topics: in the morning, evening, moments in time and many others… with insights as to the idioms that one can heard be used on dates, social invitation, the telephone and much more.

Relatable to Korean's who were just learning English, as well as those who already could speak English, but needed a bit more practice on the idioms English speakers used on a day-to-day basis. ​

On reading this book, I find it to be very informative and well laid out. But being that the book is mostly written in English as that is the best way to learn the language, I can say that I did not find any grammatical errors and the book was will written.​

I would recommend this book for any Korean who is wanting to learn or just wanting to better there understanding of the English language, as it will allow you to better develop and improve your English communication skills. This book is easy to use and you can find the answers to each quiz at the end of each section. I was also able to find a few idioms that I myself use in some of the occasions mentioned in the book.​

I rate this book 4 out of 4 stars and would invite all Koreans who wish to broaden their knowledge of the speaking culture of native English speakers to get their hands on a copy of this book.”
by Wallaceo

4.0 out of 4 stars I Recommend it to all learners of the English language​l
"Idiom Attack Vol. 1 Everyday Living (Korean Edition) by Peter N. Liptak is an English grammar book that mainly contains the most common English idiomatic expressions. Quite a good number of idioms together with their respective meanings are covered.

I like the fact that there is a Korean translation for all the text written in English. This enhances the understanding of text especially for Korean readers who aren’t well acquainted with the English language. The translations also ensure that both the Korean and English audiences don’t feel out of place as they venture into the book.

I like the fact that the author has laid out full, well-defined meanings for each and every idiom found in the book. The meanings are also written in simple and understandable grammar. This helps the reader to have an easy time, especially when learning new idioms. It also makes the book both interesting and enjoyable to read.

I like the fact that after every chapter, the author tests the reader with questions. This helps the learner in gauging themselves on the new areas learned. It also equips the reader with more language skills as they get to learn of instances where certain idioms can be put into use.

The author has also provided detailed pictures at the beginning of each and every chapter, which point out clearly the new activity that is going to be covered. This helps readers, especially those of Korean descent to have the right mental picture. This is very important for their easier understanding of the idioms.

I like the fact that the author has provided quite a number of meanings for each idiom. This has gone a long way in helping the reader/learner to understand better the true meaning of the idiom. Since they get a wide range of meanings to choose from.

The book doesn’t contain any grammatical errors whatsoever. I also never came across any instances of profane language. This shows the great work put in by both the author and the editorial team. This has made the book very enjoyable and worthy for someone to acquire the right grammar skills.

I rate the book 4 out of 4 stars. It is a nourishing read that is written in a very nice way. I would recommend the book to those of Korean descent who are on the verge of learning English. I would also recommend it to all learners of the English language."
by Njuuu

5.0 out of 5 stars This is a great learning tool
This is a great learning tool. Not only does it provide multiple examples of these idioms in English sentences, it also has fill in the blanks and crosswords to help you learn how to use them. These exercises and the CD make the book stick out (look, an idiom). This means you see the idioms, you hear them, and you practice using them. I’m glad there’s a second book to this one.

4.0 out of 4 stars Once I started to study them, at the same time, I started to notice their existence as well.
“…the first thing came to my mind was to check if Idiom Attack Vol. 1 Everyday Living would be enough to kick off my advanced studies in English.​

The answer is... Yes! Allow me to explain why. Peter N. Liptak, Matthew Douma and Jay Douma have a way with words that helped them not only to develop interdependent chapters that can be read in any desired order, they also articulated a basic guide to getting the student ushered into a warmer dimension of the daily conversation thanks to the know-how they provide. The authors' friendly way to explain and enforce the student's acquired knowledge through amusing exercises and pictures makes this material perfect to start the ball rolling as an English speaker regardless if you speak Korean or not. In the long runhitting this book pays well. As a bonus, the stories, another teaching resource employed by the writers, are not only worthy to read because of the mere use of the idioms, they also spread enough knowledge about how life works.​

What I enjoyed while reading was the fact that humor ran its natural course, that the explanation of each idiom was clear-cut and short, that the feeling of having invested my time instead of having killed it is real and feeling like each lesson is a no-brainer if one collaborates and does every exercise. Before I forget, I got to say that a lot of the idioms I learned can be found in contemporary literature and even in the series I am actually watching, it resulted in weird to me that once I started to study them, at the same time, I started to notice their existence as well. That is why this learning tool should be first-rate, a reliable 4 out of 4 that can be understood with no problem. Oh! And it is professionally edited, there is no need to worry about that at all.​

What I would have liked to read, just to avoid saying that I disliked anything, are more idioms in each chapter. I am aware that those already put in the book are good enough to clear out the concept examined.​

In order to draw to a close my review, saying that I can't wait to continue studying more idioms guided by this method is imperative. Of course, it's important to recognize that one must read twice, thrice or even more times the present work to assimilate most of its content and let's not forget about the most important task: practicing! I recommend Idiom Attack Vol. 1 Everyday Living to all the non-native medium or advanced English speakers that are willing to paint a good picture of their international future.”

Idiom Attack Vol. 2 - Doing Business (Korean Edition): 이디엄 어택 2 - 거래하기

Idiom Attack Vol. 2 - Doing Business (Korean Edition): 이디엄 어택 2 - 거래하기

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