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★★★★★Well organized, amazingly complete, and tremendously insightful, worthy reading for anyone planning to attend college… or their parents! –Scott D.

Are you OVERWHELMED by the thought of COLLEGE: managing your time, choosing the right major, & having it actually pay off?
Do you DREAD the social challenges, homesickness, & responsibility that come with college life?

If so, this life-changing book is exactly what you need!
In Elliot Felix's comprehensive handbook, you'll learn how to get in, get ahead, make the most of your college experience, and create your dream future. The essential guide for every college-bound student to navigate these common challenges & fears with ease, for the tools & confidence you need to thrive in your academic journey.

So why do 65% of college students struggle with a sense of belonging? And 20% drop out in their first year?

Based on Elliot’s experience as an educational consultant working with over 100 colleges, data from 100s of research studies and insights from surveys, focus groups, & student interviews, this indispensable guidebook will help you unlock your full potential, find your tribe & turn your college years into a launchpad for success.

Full of hidden gems, we’ll show you how to identify & maximize opportunities that others may not even know exist. Not only will you learn incredible proven strategies for getting the most out of university & standing out, we'll empower you with practical info, insider tips, & time-sensitive actionable advice.

With specific suggestions for Underrepresented Student Populations, who often face unique challenges to navigate college and find support & belonging:
✓ First-generation Students
✓ Students with Children
✓ Students with Disabilities
✓ LGBTQ+ students
✓ Students of color
✓ International students
✓ Transfer students
✓ Veterans
✓ Student Athletes

In today's increasingly competitive academic landscape, the stakes have never been higher. Our comprehensive guide will help you overcome the most pressing concerns college students face:

  1. Unravel the Financial Maze: Master your finances with our step-by-step guidance on budgeting, scholarships, & student loans, maximizing resources and minimizing debt.
  2. The Perfect Major Blueprint: Discover the secrets to selecting your ideal major, thriving academically w/ proven study techniques, time management strategies, & tips to maintain a stellar GPA while balancing coursework, extracurriculars, & social life.
  3. Social Mastery: Unlock the keys to forming meaningful connections and navigating diverse social environments with ease, ensuring a fulfilling & well-rounded college experience & practicing self-care.
  4. Mental Health Matters: Prioritize your mental wellbeing with our expert guidance on managing stress, anxiety, & depression, for a healthy & resilient college journey.
  5. Fast-Track Your Career: Get ahead in today's competitive job market with our insider tips on internships, networking, and landing your dream job after graduation.
  6. Build Skills & Relationships for Success: Use intentional design for long-term success through skill-building and relationship development.

Get your copy NOW & start living an unforgettable college life!

★★★★★“... the tips for how to make college work are real, practical, and engaging. Kudos to the author for not only doing the important legwork in the research and interviews, but for presenting a wide range of tips in a human and relatable way.” –Joel C.

If you liked the “Fiske Guide to Colleges” or “The Naked Roommate”, you’ll love “How To Get The Most Out Of College”. The perfect birthday or high school graduation gift & an essential dorm room companion to help start college off right!

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How to Get the Most Out of College: 127 Ways to Make Connections, Make it Work for You, and Make a Difference

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