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Letters: Building an Alphabet with Art and Attitude 

ABC - Do you dot a D? The Art and Poetry of the English Alphabet Explained in a Philosophical Verse of Rhythm and Rhyme

In Letters, the art and poetry of the English alphabet comes alive through rhythm and rhyme in philosophically charged verse.

Much can be learned about a people by the language they use, but what can be said of the letters of that language? This playful treatise on the English alphabet explores the art and philosophy of some letters as they gained form in one artist’s eye and expression in the language of a wondering wordsmith… Twenty-six letters called out for a home and found one in the words of this tiny tome.

Any lover of language, the graphic arts or verse will revel in the artwork and lyrical poetry. Letters is great for children and adults alike as it personifies each letter of the alphabet through philosophical poems and modern artwork... each poem giving life to a letter through a different theme. As a visual and literary work of art, Letters is a fabulous coffee table conversation piece. Perfect for a quick pick up... just flip to a random page and discover something special anytime.

The quotable alphabet book:

  • “The Lime Launched the First Attack!”
  • “The idea, like a chill, catching... Endlessly in an E etch-a-sketching.”
  • “Self reflection in dual direction... What will you find upon inspection?”
  • “With sudden laughter, or intense sigh, An L will come to mind awry.”
  • “Pure of heart, “we are P,” they said.”
  • “Unbending and unbeatable, uncompromising U led
    A revolution to unite alphabet’s understanding
    For all who would learn, U are outstanding!”

Best to read aloud to your children or listen to the included CD (read by the animated and captivating William Andrew Brand) for a more imersive experience.

~ A portion of the profits made by Letters goes to toward FirstBook, a non-profit organization that puts books in the hands of children in need. 

International Book Awards (2016)

ABC... the art and poetry of the English alphabet explained in a philosophical verse of rhythm and rhyme.

Much can be learned about a people by the language they use, but what can be said of the letters of that language? This playful treatise on the alphabet of English explores the art and philosophy of some letters as they gained form in one artist's eye (and expression in the language of a wondering wordsmith).

There is no additional language description.

FROM THE SERIES: An Alphabet Apart

AUTHOR(S): Peter N. Liptak
Lynn Tsan

PUBLISHED BY: an imprint of Exile Press on 20101121

EAN: 9781936342150

ISBN: 9781936342150


DES007050-DESIGN / Graphic Arts / Typography
YDP-Poetry (Children's / Teenage)
YDP-Children’s / Teenage: Poetry,AKD-Typography & lettering
letters, alphabet, art, graphic art, graphic alphabet, abc, illustration, rhythm, rhyme, poetry, poem, verse, phylosophy, artist's alphabet, language


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Art, Caffeine and Kismet

This book is dedicated to destiny,

the suggestion of serendipity,

to the gods of chance,

the happy help of happenstance,

the fortune of fate and

the likelihood of luck,

a house seen,

a coffee shop greeting,

began an alliance between artists

intent on caffeine induced creations.

An artist’s adventure into the alphabet

led a man of letters to seek their soul,

but how could we know

of the words that would grow

from such inscriptions all aglow?

26 letters called out for a home

and found one in the words

of this tiny tome.

Two from the Twin Cities
The man of letters Peter Liptak
The woman of words art Lynn Tsan

A born-and-bred mid-western boy, Peter Liptak is a poet, world traveler, avid cyclist, and lover of language. Unlike most English majors, he actually made use of his degree teaching English to children and adults in South Korea over the last 20 years, as a private tutor, preschool teacher, and adjunct professor at Incheon University and eventually creating the publishing company Exile Press with its imprints Little Bear Books and Hungry Dictator Press.

Exploring his interests at the University of Minnesota, from the wonders of Astronomy and Anthropology to Philosophy and Poetics, Peter learned new skills as a preschool teacher, waiter, dance instructor and massage therapist in school and has worked as an actor, teacher, copywriter and author since. While working and living in Seoul, Peter completed a Master's in Korean History, and using Korea as a source of inspiration, linguistic and otherwise, penned several books including the controversial book of Korean Slang: As much as a Rat's Tail, translated the scathing graphic novel The Great Successor - Kim Jong Un: a Political Cartoon, created the Idiom Attack series of ESL textbooks as well as passion projects including an Art/Poetry book called Letters: Building an Alphabet with Art and Attitude and a series of children's early readers about the lovable Teddy LeBear, including Teddy's Day and Teddy's Camp. Now living in Minneapolis with his three little ones and lovely wife, Peter continues publishing various works, while pursuing copywriting at The Writer’s Ink, and does web development, video marketing and lead generation for various local businesses through his new business Leadgen Legends.

Peter loves to say "Woo Hoo!" and knows that the simple experiences in life hold the greatest adventures. You can follow Peter at www.peteliptak.com or petespoetry.com

2016 International Book Awards Gold Medal for Letters
2016 Illustration Award & Bronze Medal for The Great Successor
2016 Benjamin Franklin Awards: Silver Medal for Korean Slang: As much as a Rat’s Tail
2014 Korea Literature Translation Institute Grant: for the collected works of North Korea poet Baek Seok
2013 Benjamin Franklin Digital Awards: Silver Honoree for Teddy's Day HD
2012 Mom's Choice Awards: Gold Medals in Young Adult Poetry and Interactive eBooks for Letters and Teddy’s Day HD
2012 Mom's Choice Awards: Silver Medals in Children's Picture Books for Teddy’s Day and Teddy’s Camp
2011 Midwest Book Awards: First Place in Children's Illustrated ebooks for Teddy's Day
2001 Underwood Fellowship: Yonsei Graduate School of International Studies



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"Woo Hoo!

The letters of our alphabet have more inspiration behind them then pure utility. "Letters" is a blending of artwork and poetry from Peter Liptak, as he presents a series of pieces inspired by the alphabet with alliteration right there behind it. With dedicated thought and verse, "Letters" is an excellent meeting of the two mediums, highly recommended. "An H-Illusioned Heart": Checked and in check//once stood and still standing/tall and broad in their handling/Of all affairs of heart and head/emerged a fantasy of forms banding.//Joined by a bar of yellow,/bright of spirit but ever mellow./A checked past, the two were wed,/Married to form an H to bellow//Of happy hearts as a letter read.../Its image ever hovering in your head.
-- Midwest Book Review

5.0 out of 5 stars 

Art + Alphabet = Collectible

This is one of the most interesting alphabet books I've seen. The illustrations by Lynn Tsan are eye catching and amazing.
Mr. Liptak and Smith Publicity sent me a copy of this book for review (thank you). It has been published, so check with your local bookstore for a copy.
The book comes in a slipcase, which is a nice touch. I find this is almost more of an art book than a way to learn the alphabet. If you have a child that appreciates art, I'm sure this book will catch their eye.
The illustrations are bright, some are teases that teach you how to "see" the letters lost in a forest of colors, and none of them are boring. Here's a video of the presentation: Illustrations Example This is pretty fast and somewhat lengthy, so don't feel you need to watch it all. It gives you a taste of the artwork.
Mr. Liptak uses alliterative poetry to talk about each letter. The poems are good and they make you look at the alphabet in a new way.
This book could easily be a collectible. Why not get a copy and visit these colorful pages yourself? This is not a book you will forget.
Happy reading.

-- Jo Ann Hakola

5.0 out of 5 stars 

Beautiful book, and a deserving centerpiece for your coffee table! One has seen the alphabet done again and again, but Peter truly brings something new to the table, with gorgeous and oftentimes clever illustrations. For all lovers of the letter in its many forms, children and adults can enjoy this book alike, with great verse and energy. The protective slipcase is a wonderful touch as well!

-- Janet Merkt

5.0 out of 5 stars 

A Stunning, Unique and Bold Look at Our Everyday ABCs!


Peter Liptak has created Letters: Building an Alphabet with Art and Attitude for all of us who love the written word and who have a fascination for the letters that create them. This book is a beautiful tribute to not only the letters we use every day, but a fun look at the relationship between the art and philosophy of them. He gives each letter a beautiful verse of its own supported by bold and artistic illustrations. Is it an art book? A poetry book? I believe it's both and lot more. It's a unique and lively look at our everyday ABC's and a stunning addition to any book collection.

Letters: Building an Alphabet with Art and Attitude : ABC - Do you dot a D? The Art and Poetry of the English Alphabet Explained in a Philosophical Verse of Rhythm and Rhyme

Letters: Building an Alphabet with Art and Attitude

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