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Passion Poets - Sexy, Honest, Heard


Juice up the Dialogue

Poems to Instigate, to Partake, to Terminate 

“Shh… We’re here to listen.” 

A collective conversation of AGENCY, CONSENT and EMPOWERMENT. From the midst of the Midwest, we ignite a compilation of sex-positive feminine-reverent LGTBQ-friendly poetry. This spoken-word showcase of radical consent is designed to draw people into conversation, to hold safe space for sharing notes on embodied nature & sexy human stardust. Whoever you are, this is your conversation: let this stage be for dialogue & art, unhushed sexuality, and bold self-discovery. Vulnerability of honest exploration welcome, adored, & recommended.

Our Vision 
Born and bred in Minnesota with its traditions of taciturn midwestern sensibilities, we recognize the need to cultivate direct & open discourse on sexuality, sensuality, and the radical creation of consent culture. We believe in unsilencing & unshaming sexuality, such that frank communication & empowered exploration become the norm for those navigating the experience of a sexual creature. We aim to develop community that allows us to grow more self-aware, more capable of listening, and more awake to the realities of the flesh.

Our Intent
    1. To hold space for expressing the yearnings of the human heart, such that they are heard, respected, and celebrated.
    2. To honor honest words of the feminine-reverent and sex-forward, male-bodied and mindful, transgendered and transformative, ungendered and unfettered.
    3. To grow a culture of Midwestern Frankness in which sexuality can be spoken about without shrinking, shushing, squirming, or shaming.

    Our  Origin Story

    Just a while ago, in late 2017, I was sitting, sipping at Troubadour's wine bar amid a multitude of mostly midwestern mentality and a person stepped up to share. The performance was to say the least, transformative. It featured a poem of perilous possibilities. A poem about, and this was something even I was prepared to cringe at as the judgmental-ing began, it was a poem about ‘anal’ (as it were), and as it reached crescendo, the crowd of midwestern minded 30, 40, 50 and 60 year-olds whooped and roared.

    My first thought was my daughter, who had just turned the ripe age of one, and how I wanted her (and hopefully a generation of other girls and boys) to hear this (after 18 of course). And so the conversation began; the plan and the purpose; the start of something new: the Passion Poets as an offshoot of Exile Press and slowly, that epic, fearless poet (Phlo Real) and I pushed boundaries together to form this group and this monthly spoken-word event.

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