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Our Authors


Learn about our authors: see who they are with a pics or two, read their bios, and get to know a bit about what makes them tick. 


Peter Liptak

Peter Liptak

pETEthePoet - coffee & a laptop, what other superpowers do you need?

Born in Chicago, raised in Minneapolis and seeking life in Seoul. A weary wanderer, ultra explorer and true-wheeled cyclist, I love to say “Woo Hoo!”.

Knowing the simple experiences in life hold the greatest adventures, I began exploring everything that held my interest at the University of Minnesota, from astronomy and anthropology to philosophy and poetics. I wound up with a BA in English Literature—of course. I earned my street cred while in college as a preschool teacher, waiter, dance instructor and massage therapist, and as an actor, teacher, author and publisher since. I did an MA in Korean Studies at Yonsei University—for S&G—and found in Korea a source of inspiration, linguistic and otherwise.

Now, I'm heading up Exile Press & The Writer's Ink, & raising three little ones, but I'm still always ready to say “Woo Hoo!"—are you?


Siwoo Lee

Siwoo Lee

A young philosopher who studies international management at KyungHee University, Siwoo Lee became attracted to the ideas proposed by Alain de Botton in his statements on love: “I did not love Chloe so much as marshmallow her…” claiming that “The word love, weary with overuse, simply could not aspire to… [so to him] love was a sugary, puffy object a few millimeters in diameter that melts deliciously in the mouth.”

Now taking a profound interest in the symbolism of language, Siwoo is combining that with his fascination with foreign languages and his natural talent for speaking, evident from winning prizes of oratorical contests in his school days. He is also considered to be a humorous guy by those around him possibly due to his sophisticated command of slang. Finally, his keen interest in English, has led him to look into the differences between English and Korean slang and delve into Peter’s A Rat’s Tail project.

Siwoo plans to write about English and Japanese slang after his Rat's Tail experience. And one day, he dreams of becoming a CEO.


Matthew Douma

Matthew Douma

Matthew Douma grew up in a small rural town in Southern Canada. Ever since his early childhood years, Matthew has had a deep interest in Korea and made his first visit when he was just fifteen years old. As an avid outdoorsman and adventurer, Matthew enjoys sports of all sorts including Taekwondo. Matthew also has a passion for mountain climbing, sailing and writing as hobbies. Residing in Seoul with his lovely wife Sun Hee and daughter Ennik, he works as an English education consultant and author of English educational material.





Jay Douma

An elementary school teacher since 1999, Jay enjoys writing stories and collaborating with his brother on creative projects. Currently teaching grade five and physical education in Ontario, Canada, Jay enjoys spending time with his wife Christa and daughter Emma at their home on Lake Erie when not working.


Pascal Biannicleger

Pascal Biannicleger

Pascal Biannicleger illustrator of Teddy's Day and Teddy's Camp, saw Peter Liptak's script for Teddy and kindly agreed to design the series. 





Lynn Tsan

Lynn Tsan, Illustrator

Lynn Tsan is a Chicago-based abstract artist who makes small square pieces of art. Each piece can stand alone, but is combined with others to create a multilayered, graphical collage consisting of anywhere between three to 100 separate squares. Work begins as a series of drawings. The challenge is finding the right materials to suit the final version of the piece. She currently works in wood, ink, paint, cast acrylic and is experimenting with glass, steel and light. The goal is to create maquettes for large scale work. The "Chicago" piece is a large example of a prototype for visions of a larger version in glass and metal. ​